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Leading Gig Workers

Leading Gig Workers

In this gig economy, people work at many side jobs, short-term contracts and freelance jobs. The 2017 Intuit study on the on-demand economy predicts that 9.2 million Americans will choose on-demand jobs by 2021. Many successful, innovative businesses already employ remote workers and have managers leading gig workers; many more are slowly opting for them. […]

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Scientific Proof That Happiness Creates Leadership Success (Not the other way around!)

Happy Employee

“The Happiness Advantage,”written for leaders by best-selling author Shawn Achor, shares seven researched and tested methods of becoming happier, achieving higher levels of leadership success, and having a more positive impact upon your relationship circles and community. In the book, Achor describes the time spent in his early life chasing success and expecting to find […]

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Diversity and Inclusion: The Millennial Perspective

Diversity and Inclusion Young Workers

Up to this point, U.S. businesses and the government have defined diversity by factors like age, gender, race and disability. Millennials have an entirely different perspective on Diversity and Inclusion and for a good reason. Millennials are one of the most diverse populations the U.S. has experienced to date, so they aren’t impressed with diversity […]

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The Enneagram: Guided Leadership

Enneagram Guided Leadership

In part 1 of this series, we gave an overview of the Enneagram and the value it has for raising your self-awareness.  In their “Innovative Leadership Fieldbook,” Metcalf and Palmer suggest that “by enhancing self-awareness you can exercise more choice about your actions rather than engaging in patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior in an automatic, […]

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The Leadership Mindset of Continuous Improvement

continuous improvement leaders

(Part Two in a Four-part Series. Read Part One Here.) One of my favorite phrases is, “leadership is influence.” While I don’t believe anyone sentence can fully summarize leadership and its many different methods and applications, the simplicity of influence encapsulates it quite well. It also helps me paint a clear picture between the terms […]

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Leaders: Support Your People

Leadership Support

(Part One in a Four-Part Series) Leadership in today’s workplace looks very different when compared to the direction in previous generations. Current leadership thinking trends towards wide and low organizational charts that push power down to those employees who are closer to the problems and the customers experiencing them. This trend is becoming more popular […]

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