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Leadership Metacognition: Thinking About Thinking

Leadership Metacognition from A Better Leader

The concept of metacognition in leadership may sound complex, but its simplest definition is “thinking about thinking,” and it can help leaders improve their interpersonal skills rapidly. Metacognition is related to emotional intelligence. Leaders with well-developed metacognitive ability will think about how well they understand an event before acting. They’ll decide whether or not they are […]

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Implicit Bias and How It Impacts Your Company

Implicit Bias and How It Impacts Your Company - A Better Leader

If you are in a leadership position, you regularly need to make quick decisions. The same process our brains use to consider possibilities quickly, weigh pros and cons, and come to a particular conclusion is also used unknowingly in social interactions and personal decision making. As is often the case, a strength in one area […]

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Leadership Training Review: A Better Leader vs. LinkedIn Learning

Leadership Training Review: A Better Leader Versus LinkedIn Learning

Online leadership training is in high demand, and no wonder – competition for the best talent has become more and more fierce in recent years, meaning companies need excellent leadership to hang on to the best employees. This is both good and bad, as training managers are left with an overwhelming number of training choices […]

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Employee Burnout: Do You Know the Signs?

The American workforce is in the throes of a burnout crisis, especially in high stakes and inherently stressful industries like healthcare and tech – and it’s not hard to see why. In the era of endless “hustle” and 24/7 connectivity, “clocking out” of work at the end of the day has become something of a […]

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Why Your Leaders Need Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

For years emotional intelligence has been a desirable trait for leaders, but one that has primarily been focused on only during the hiring process, if at all. By leaders either not being aware of the importance of emotional intelligence within an organization, or not being equipped to train and coach team members in this important […]

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