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How Much Does Leadership Training Cost?

How Much Does Leadership Training Cost from A Better Leader

Developing a few good leaders can make all the difference in your company’s growth and innovation. A variety of leaders can bring new ideas and energy to any organization and makes sure that your company will be in good hands when today’s leaders retire. However, training and mentoring new leaders can be tricky and expensive. […]

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Implicit Bias and How It Impacts Your Company

Implicit Bias and How It Impacts Your Company - A Better Leader

If you are in a leadership position, you regularly need to make quick decisions. The same process our brains use to consider possibilities quickly, weigh pros and cons, and come to a particular conclusion is also used unknowingly in social interactions and personal decision making. As is often the case, a strength in one area […]

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Effectiveness of Leadership Training

How to measure the effectiveness of leadership training from A Better Leader

Companies need to be able to measure the effectiveness of their leadership training. However, there are too many companies who fail to provide leaders with the training and support they need – ironically, usually for financial reasons. With his “Cost of Doing Nothing” calculator, author and leadership expert Ken Blanchard conducted extensive research, including analysis […]

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Leadership Training Review: A Better Leader vs. LinkedIn Learning

Leadership Training Review: A Better Leader Versus LinkedIn Learning

Online leadership training is in high demand, and no wonder – competition for the best talent has become more and more fierce in recent years, meaning companies need excellent leadership to hang on to the best employees. This is both good and bad, as training managers are left with an overwhelming number of training choices […]

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Online Leadership Training: Which is Best for Your Company?

Getting your leaders on the same page can be a challenge – and encouraging to focus on their own development can be an even bigger hurdle! You need an online leadership training program that ensures that all your leaders are supporting your company’s culture in the same way. While live and in-person training is effective, […]

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Employee Burnout: Do You Know the Signs?

The American workforce is in the throes of a burnout crisis, especially in high stakes and inherently stressful industries like healthcare and tech – and it’s not hard to see why. In the era of endless “hustle” and 24/7 connectivity, “clocking out” of work at the end of the day has become something of a […]

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How The Power of Habit Creates Better Leaders

a better leader power of habit

The Projections team reads a new book together each year, and our 2019 book was Charles Duhigg’s “The Power of Habit.” In his book, “The Power of Habit,” author Charles Duhigg breaks down the science behind our mind’s ability to simplify and automate recurring tasks throughout our day – and throughout our lives. Duhigg reveals […]

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