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Why Your Leaders Need Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

For years emotional intelligence has been a desirable trait for leaders, but one that has primarily been focused on only during the hiring process, if at all. By leaders either not being aware of the importance of emotional intelligence within an organization, or not being equipped to train and coach team members in this important […]

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Leaders: Where Are You Looking to Anticipate Change?

For dynamic companies, change is ever in the air. New markets, new customer expectations and new technologies can arise at any time. As a corporate leader, you might be constantly studying industry trends and competitors’ moves to figure out which changes could positively impact your organization. However, there’s a powerful tool for preparing for the […]

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Is a “Trained” Leader a Better Leader?

Leadership Training vs. Coaching

Alternatives to Traditional Leader Training The only way to create a winner is to train one, right? That’s not necessarily true. The most successful athletes and the most successful business executives absolutely need targeted training to reach the pinnacle of their respective successes. What’s the caveat? Effective teaching should be fluid, thoughtful and dynamic. An […]

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5 Ways to Identify & Hire Better Leaders

Your staff can be only as effective as the leaders you bring into your organization. A poor leader can cost your company substantially; not only will you waste time and money, but you’ll also be putting your team’s morale on the line. If you’re ready to hire a new manager or supervisor, it’s important you […]

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Top 5 Habits of the World’s Most Effective Business Leaders

Great leadership habits

Highly-effective leaders aren’t just lucky. The world’s best front-line managers and supervisors are likely to engage in certain thought patterns, attitudes, and professional development approaches that make a significant difference. Be Approachable Leaders who aren’t easy to approach may struggle to build relationships with their subordinates. Being approachable means more than simply having an “open […]

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Top 5 Differences Between a Leader and a Manager

Today’s workplaces require strong leadership to succeed. Skilled leaders represent a vision, integrating all areas of the business into a united entity. They demonstrate characteristics that the larger organization adopts, defining the overall personality of the business while remaining abreast of current trends to steer the ship. It’s important to understand the differences between leaders […]

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