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The Enneagram: Guided Leadership

Enneagram Guided Leadership

In part 1 of this series, we gave an overview of the Enneagram and the value it has for raising your self-awareness.  In their “Innovative Leadership Fieldbook,” Metcalf and Palmer suggest that “by enhancing self-awareness you can exercise more choice about your actions rather than engaging in patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior in an automatic, […]

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5 Ways to Prep Your Team for Leadership

grow new leaders

Every leader wants self-motivated employees who can think and act for themselves. Once you reach a point where every employee is engaged and doing an excellent job staying motivated, it’s a good idea to start looking for new leaders among those employees. Here are five ways to instill leadership skills into your team members that will serve […]

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Are Your Employees Keeping You From Hiring the Best New Talent?

Engagement and Recruiting

Arguably, your employees are your business’s most valuable assets. When your employees feel valued and like they’re an integral part of a dynamic team, they’re likely to wow your customers by going above and beyond. As a business owner, you need and want to recruit the very best talent to support your customers, and that […]

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7 Tips For Motivating Employees

Any CEO knows that employee motivation is a key to individual performance, group productivity and maintaining a terrific office culture. So how do you do it exactly? For a dose of inspiration on how to motivate those who work for you, we’ve complied the best recent pointers on the subject from articles we have reviewed. […]

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What Really Motivates Employees?

It is no secret that motivated and thriving employees are the key to an organisation’s success. Given that they are equally qualified, one passionate worker can secure more clients than three unmotivated ones. Knowing this, it should be one of the company’s priorities to motivate their own employees. Contrary to popular belief, monetary compensation is […]

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